Managing multiple iOS developer accounts

If you happen to be a member of 2 iOS developer teams you will most likely experience issues when attempting to sign your apps. The reason why you might experience it in the first place is if you are registerede with both a regular iOS developer program but also an Enterprise developer program. In that case it is most likely that you have the same name for the two teams. The error you might see i... [More]

InvalidOperationException when setting track properties from a BackgroundAgent on Windows Phone

This is just a feature that I stumbled upon when I was updating my radio app I wanted to add an enhancement, so that when the radio was playing I wanted to display the current song on the lock screen (UVC). This should be very simple and just a matter of setting the information on the current track. So back in Visual Studio I wrote the following code: BackgroundAudioPlayer.Instance.Track.BeginEd... [More]

Sharepoint Self-Service

When trying to take advantage of the Sharepoint Self-service in Sharepoint 2010, we attempted to provide to access a group of user with as little Sharepoint rights as possible. Looking it the rights, the obvious only selection to give rights to was Use Self-Service Site Creation Giving that right only gave the infamous “Access Denied” from Sharepoint. So after looking a bit further into the basi... [More]

Relative Sharepoint Urls

Just the other day I was reminded of 2 “shortcuts” in Sharepoint that can be used for url-references. ~site, which will provide the url of the current site that you are located in ~sitecollection, which will provide the url of the sitecollection The last one is especially useful when deploying Sandbox solution where you include and reference deployed stylesheets, scripts and other types of cont... [More]

Windows Phone 7 owner

Having recently participating in a competition to win a Windows Phone 7, I am now the proud owner of a HTC Surround running Windows Phone 7. So I’m going to add some blogposts about my experience, having posted the first one already. In case the competition link/description goes offline I can tell the reason for me winning was the fact that I submitted 3 apps to the Danish Windows Phone Marketpl... [More]

Moving from iPhone to Windows Phone

Since I just received a HTC Surround running Windows Phone 7, I thought I would like to share some of my experiences making the switch from an iPhone to this new phone. To begin with I can say that I have been using first an iPhone 3GS and then an iPhone 4 for about 3-4 years, so I was pretty accustomed to the iPhone. The upgrade from 3GS to 4 went without any trouble using an iTunes backup. Unfo... [More]

Virtual Sitecore users and editorlicenses

As you may have read previously I just got Sitecore Xpress running as my new website. This was all fine and I have even configured it to use my own SSO solution (which I will discuss in another post), but suddenly I encountered a strange problem. I suddenly started experiencing issues when both my wife and I wanted to edit content at the same time. I had set up my login routine to use my SSO solu... [More]