Sharepoint Self-Service

When trying to take advantage of the Sharepoint Self-service in Sharepoint 2010, we attempted to provide to access a group of user with as little Sharepoint rights as possible. Looking it the rights, the obvious only selection to give rights to was Use Self-Service Site Creation Giving that right only gave the infamous “Access Denied” from Sharepoint. So after looking a bit further into the basi... [More]

Relative Sharepoint Urls

Just the other day I was reminded of 2 “shortcuts” in Sharepoint that can be used for url-references. ~site, which will provide the url of the current site that you are located in ~sitecollection, which will provide the url of the sitecollection The last one is especially useful when deploying Sandbox solution where you include and reference deployed stylesheets, scripts and other types of cont... [More]