Philips 49PUS7100 - Bug 14 - Chromecast on an Android TV - most likely not

By now this is actually a really old bug, but having used a Windows Phone prior I have now been using the Chromecast functionality on the TV.

But I just recently got an iPhone, and then naturally I wanted to use the Chromecast functionality that was supposed to be built-in to the TV. This proved a lot harder then expected though.

I tried several apps, such as HBO, Netflix, TV2 play, TED talk, Telmore musik and the only working app was the one without a videostream. I spent a lot of time trying to cast various videos, but eventually gave up on the whole concept thinking that it was the Chromecast idea itself that was broken.

After reading about Chromecast though I decide to buy a separate Google Chromecast and plug it into the HDMI-port of the TV, and lo and behold, this device worked flawlessly and excellent and could stream anything that I threw at it.

So the concept itself seemed to be working just fine, and instead it showed me that the TV contained yet bug.


I contacted the Philips support and their first suggestion was to uninstall the latest updated of the Chrome cast app... And did it work... NO

I wrote back that it didn't help, and I haven't heard from them since and a another month has passed by. GREAT Support

So yet another part of my so-called "SMART"-TV has proved to be not so smart and instead just frustrating.

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