Virtual Sitecore users and editorlicenses

As you may have read previously I just got Sitecore Xpress running as my new website. This was all fine and I have even configured it to use my own SSO solution (which I will discuss in another post), but suddenly I encountered a strange problem. I suddenly started experiencing issues when both my wife and I wanted to edit content at the same time. I had set up my login routine to use my SSO solu... [More]

Running Sitecore 6 on a single database

This is a short and simple blog post describing the actions that I took to get Sitecore Xpress running on a single MS SQL database instead of 3 which is default when Sitecore 6 is installed. This was a requirement because my website is running at a webhost where you by default only can have one SQL database. I knew that this was possible since the datastructure of the three databases is the same ... [More]