Philips 49PUS7100 - Bug 1 - Problem with flow TV

This post is part of a series of posts that I am currently writing about the bugs that I have found in my Philips TV since I bought it in January 2016   The first bug I encountered on my TV started showing up within months of my purchase. The behavior was that I was watching TV, and then the screen suddenly went black. I could go into the main menu and navigate around, but I couldn’t get any ... [More]

Anatomy of a Sitecore bug (and some things that all of us developers must learn)

Recently Sitecore published the following critical report including a fix.   Sitecore has rightly marked it as critical as the result of the bug actually is that all contents of the website can be downloaded by simply specifying a custom crafted url. I will not post the format of the url but will only describe why some of the checks that where done in... [More]

Øredev - a conference with an attitude

This Wednesday I showed up for my first Øredev conference in Malmö. I was prepared for a technical conference where I was supposed to learn some new tricks to improve my development workflow and make me more productive and efficient. What I got from the conference though was as expected but also much, much more. The conference was set for 3 days and throughout the conference there h... [More]