Philips 49PUS7100 - Bug 12 - What time is it?

This post is part of a series of posts that I am currently writing about the bugs that I have found in my Philips TV since I bought it in January 2016


The twelfth problem

Just the other day I managed to capture some images of an eleventh issue that the TV has. It apparently sucks at telling time correctly.

I turned the TV on because I wanted to record the current program, but it didn’t go quite as expected.


The experience went as follows.

I turned on the TV and navigated to the TV-Guide. Here I noticed that it was off by 2 hours. So I wondered what would happen when I set it the record the program that I wanted to record. It was on currently but according to the Guide it wasn’t on for another 2 hours. So when I selected to record it… Nothing happened.


I went back to the program and snapped this picture of the current channel. Here you can see that the TV thinks the time is 17:07, but it actually displays the correct current program information which is a show from 19-20.

What time is it_thumb[2]


Since it didn’t start the recording when selecting it in the EPG I decided to record it manually, but this failed with the following message.

“Optagelse mislykkedes. TV’et er optaget af andet” – “Recording failed. The TV is busy with something else”

Recording failed due to timing_thumb[1]


So back to the EPG and remove the recording (which hadn’t started) and then back and try manually again and it succeeded.


So time is obviously some kind of issue for the TV, and what does that mean with our other recordings? We have missed recordings in the past, and this might be the reason…


The solution

None yet

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