Installing Amazon Kindle app on Windows Phone 7 when located in a non-supported region

When I got my Windows Phone 7 I got pretty disappointed when I realized that I couldn’t download Amazon’s Kindle app, because I have a Kindle and I like to read.

I went to Amazon’s website and and only ended up with a page looking like this


So where was my install button? Hmm, I went to, to see if I could find it there. When I was logged in though I was presented with this


I guess it’s fair enough. I’m from Denmark and is looking at the US-marketplace, so I can't buy from here. So what happens if I click “Check my Marketplace”. I simply get this screen, which essentially is a 404 indicating that the app is not found.


So, what to do then. I tried contacting Amazon. Unfortunately they couldn’t disclose any plans for an international launch.

But I would really like the app. So Google to the rescue. I was thinking that now I have a developer account registered, that should give me some more options. And I simply searched for, which quickly led me to find the Amazon xap file for the Windows Phone. In combination with the fact that I had a registered developer account I could simply install the xap file using the Application deployment tool (XapDeploy)


Then I was running the Amazon application on my new phone, so I’m satisfied now.

DISCLAIMER: this blog post is not an encouragement to install apps from other sources then the official markerplace, but considering that the app is free I feel that it is alright. I would never install an app, that cost money this way, and I also expect that Amazon eventually will launch their app on the Danish Marketplace and then I will install that version instead

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