Philips 49PUS7100 - a smart TV or a social experiment to see how many bugs a customer can handle

January 28th 2016 was a fatal day for me, where I made a very bad choice, which now more then a year later still comes back to haunt me.

That day was the day I bought a new TV. It was a TV that had all the features I was looking for including 4K, 3D, USB recording, ambilight and the possibility to install Android apps.

I had been looking at a great number of TVs and most of them was missing one or more of the features that I was looking for, so when I found a good offer for the Philips 49PUS7100 I decided that now was the time for me to invest in my first smart TV.


Since the purchase it has been a downhill ride, and I have only since then regretted the purchase. The smart TV experience that Philips has introduced me to has been nothing but a disappointment. The smart TV features on this TV are not working smoothly, but even worse is that they have managed to make the regular TV experience horrible as well.

This is going to be the first post in a series where I will attempt to give some insight into the problems that I have experienced, and the horrible handling of Philips support. I have contacted them on several occasions, and the feedback has just been bad and not solving any of my issues.


But as I said my journey started in January 2016, and below you can see the timeline for my interaction with Philips support.



January: Bought the TV

March: Reported first bug related to flow TV causing the TV to restart entirely

April/May: Second and third bug, causing Safe mode and complete freeze

May: Fourth and fifth bug, does this TV have its own life?

May: Sixth bug, EPG? Is it really a relevant feature?

December: The final straw, a complete meltdown of the TV




January: A new bug

February: Bug 11 (multitasking?), Bug 12 – what time is it

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