Philips 49PUS7100 - Bug 6 - EPG? isn’t that something new?

This post is part of a series of posts that I am currently writing about the bugs that I have found in my Philips TV since I bought it in January 2016


The sixth problem

While waiting for the response to bug 2, 3, 4 and 5, I encountered yet another bug. This bug was experienced when I attempted to start the EPG, when I got this error


It is nothing serious as it is “just” a message saying that the EPG is broken. Something that has been a core functionality in TVs for many years by now is now a faulty feature in my brand new Smart TV. What happened to the “failing gracefully” and showing a meaningful error message?

By now I just can’t comprehend how so many core functionalities can work so badly on a new TV produced by a company that has produced TV’s for so many years.


The solution

Install the latest software (did it fix the problem? No, this problem I have seen afterwards as well)

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