Philips 49PUS7100 - Bug 11 - Recording and viewing at the same time

This post is part of a series of posts that I am currently writing about the bugs that I have found in my Philips TV since I bought it in January 2016

Yet another bug has shown its face on the TV.


The eleventh problem

This bug occurred at a time, when I had paused live TV and had rewound the recording to see the program. All of a sudden when playing the recording the screen suddenly went black. The sound kept playing but the video was lost…


When playing, the image never came back on, but what I experienced was that if I rewound a couple of seconds/minutes and tried playing again the video and audio was playing. Then after viewing a couple of minutes the video went black again at a later time. This I could keep on doing while watching the rest of the recording. So the recording itself was fine, but for some reason it could not be played back properly…


Playback problem


So another annoyance adding to the already large stack of issues.


Now I’m getting really tired of the TV. So now when contacting the support I am requesting a refund, because I am tired of playing the “support”-game… and just waiting for the next software update.


The solution

After not having responded to my request for nearly 1 month, the dialogue goes something like this

Philips support: “Sorry for not responding, we have had internal problems. Is your problem still relevant

Me: “yes, they are still relevant, and I would like to get a refund. I’m tired of this TV

Philips support: “We have to do a complete troubleshooting and if we cannot solve your issues we will have to send it in for debugging

Me: “Seriously, this TV has not been working properly since I bought it, and all you seem to do is stall…”


At this point I decided to post all the issues online in case other people experience the same issues.

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