Øredev - a conference with an attitude

This Wednesday I showed up for my first Øredev conference in Malmö.

I was prepared for a technical conference where I was supposed to learn some new tricks to improve my development workflow and make me more productive and efficient.

What I got from the conference though was as expected but also much, much more.

The conference was set for 3 days and throughout the conference there had been set a scene and there was a red line for the days. The theme this year was Computer Power. Within that theme was both the power in the computers and devices that we have, but also the power that we as developers have utilizing computers.

Going through the days the talk went from

- The state of world today

- The possibilities of the future

- The actions we can take to ensure that we get the future that we want

The focus was that if we, the developers, do not take action now, and develop in an ethical manner, the future might not look so bright.

Furthermore we need to start voicing our concerns for the current politics and ensure that the government and corporations start acting ethically and respectfully and ensure our privacy.

So now is the time to start making some noise.

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