Just received a mail from LinkedIn with the following text

Dear Allan Agerholm,
At LinkedIn, we strive to provide a simple and efficient experience for members so we continually evaluate how our current products and features are being used.
This sometimes means we remove a feature so we can focus our resources on building the best products.
We'll be retiring the LinkedIn Network RSS Feed on Dec. 19th. All of your LinkedIn updates and content can still be viewed on LinkedIn, or through the
LinkedIn mobile app.
Please visit the
Help Center for more information about the LinkedIn Network RSS Feed retirement.

Thank you,


This makes me pretty sad, since this RSS actual was the driving factor for pushing me to their website. If they expect that I (along with 10-20-30 other websites) pay them a daily visit, just to see how they are doing, they are unfortunately mistaken.


Anyone else sees this as a problem or is it just me? Comments are welcome

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