Final resort for modifying your HTML output - Intro

In order to answer some queries from different sources I have decided to start a mini series describing various ways for modifying your HTML output for at .NET website.

These techniques can be useful in at least the following situations

1. You want to modify some HTML generated by webcontrols that are not under your control

2. You want to fix some common error which is generated on your pages (i.e. if you are using some HTML editor which does not provide the correct output for your website)

3. add more scenarios of your own choosing.


For my various samples I will keep the same goal in mind to show you how the same goal can be achieved using different methods.

The goal I want to achieve is to modify the action of the form tag which is normally generated by the framework. This example is only chosen as an example of something which I cannot modify under normal circumstances


This post will be updated with links to the various parts of my series as I write them

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