Using Sharepoint AuthoringContainer on pages with Url Extension

9. January 2016 02:11, Allan, Comments (0)

This blog post is based on a real life issue, that we experienced on our site once.   In the header of out Sharepoint masterpage we had inserted 2 AuthoringContainer controls with a plan for adding two different stylesheets to the page. One stylesheet used for Reader and another for Editors. ... [More]


A matter of scopes (method paramaters versus class properties)

30. December 2014 20:45, Allan, Comments (0)
Programming | .NET

Defining variable names must be done carefully sometimes to prevent logical errors in your code. Just to provide and example of where things can go wrong you can see the following snippet.   public class TestClass { public int Variable { get { return -1; } } private int... [More]


Sjov oversættelse - Sharepoint 2007

19. December 2014 10:25, Allan, Comments (0)

Jeg har fuld forståelse for at det kan være svært at oversætte software og de ledetekster der er i en softwareløsning. Men det er alligevel meget sjovt når man støder på nogle mærkelige tekster.   F.eks. denne dialog som dukker op i Shar... [More]


Funny thing – Sharepoint 2010 - NotImplementedException

25. November 2014 00:32, Allan, Comments (0)

During a debugging session I was just poking around some Sharepoint dll's using Reflector. And then I stumbled upon this little snippet. I must say, I didn't expect to find this exception being thrown in a released Microsoft product. It does implement an interface, so I presume it must make sense ... [More]

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Variable scopes in C# - Beware of naming similiarities

11. September 2014 23:43, Allan, Comments (0)

Just the other day I came across a sample of code with some similar named variables, where the flow did not work probably. It turned out to be an issue of some locale variables which were named the same as some global variables. This made me think some about it and do some testing about scoping, an... [More]


Updating Sharepoint menu to display itemcount in menu

6. August 2014 11:13, Allan, Comments (0)

I just though I would share this small snippet I created which can be added to a Sharepoint page on a website, and then when called it will iterate through the leftmenu and for links to folders/list in the current site it will add a counter indicating the number of items in the given list. It is ve... [More]


Developing JavaScript solutions with remote data using Chrome

27. May 2014 23:54, Allan, Comments (0)
Sharepoint | Javascript

When developing simple JavaScript applications using data i.e. from a SharePoint site using SPservices, then you will be challenged with warnings about cross-site scripting if you try to create the files locally on your own machine before publishing the files to SharePoint. This is usually a good t... [More]


The hidden performance hit when using Get Methods

19. January 2014 20:35, Allan, Comments (0)
Programming | .NET

There are many ways to write a loop when using C#. But when iterating you need to be very much aware of the data you are iterating. If you are not being taking good enough care of your code you may suffer from bad performance. For example when using a property like this property public s... [More]



17. December 2013 22:30, Allan, Comments (0)

Just received a mail from LinkedIn with the following text Dear Allan Agerholm, At LinkedIn, we strive to provide a simple and efficient experience for members so we continually evaluate how our current products and features are being used. This sometimes means we remove a feature so we ... [More]


Hacking Web Apps by Mike Shema; O'Reilly Media

2. October 2013 01:35, Allan, Comments (0)

This book takes you on a rollercoaster ride bringing you well out of you comfort zone thinking about your security and privacy on the web. Mike manages to show you some easily exploitable quirks that may exist in most likely any webapplication. Quirks that you need to know exist if you are a web dev... [More]

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